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July 26th, 2012

Cocktails With an Olympics Hottie

Stars, stripes and six packs.


Stars, stripes and six packs. Hot-bodied Trey Hardee is going for gold at the Summer Olympics, and we sat down with the track star to find out how he maintains those lust-worthy abs even while cocktailing, if he prefers Kate or Pippa and whether he's got a girlfriend to wear the medal he's hoping for...

TIDBITS: What song gets you motivated while circling the track?

TREY: I'm not sure there's any one song, but the NBC Olympic theme song can only mean one thing.

TIDBITS: When you're not training, what's an ideal day?

TREY: A day at the lake for sure. 

TIDBITS: Hitting on girls during a workout: a do or a don't?

TREY: No way.

TIDBITS: Tell us... British accent: hot or not?


Fish and chips or tea and crumpets?

Tea and C's.

Pippa or Kate?


TIDBITS: What's your favorite cocktail in the off-season?

TREY: Summer time, probably a John Daly and any other time, I'm a whiskey guy.

TIDBITS: Our readers want to know - are you taken?

TREY: Pleasantly taken.

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