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May 16th, 2016

A Life Less Snore-dinary

Color your world with local, handmade goods from Birch & Goldberry.

On a recent visit home to Mom's house, you realized every element in her life was color coordinated - from the shade of her shoes to her belt, bath towels, guest soap, coffee mugs and even her iPhone case.

Embrace a more vibrant approach to life with the help of local Birch & Goldberry. Created by three women who say their products are inspired by steamy days in Houston, the design-forward collection of plant-based sea salt soaps in funky swirls of color and soy wax candles come in inventive scent combos like gogi berry, jasmine and mint. Extending past the powder room, you'll want to scoop up all of their paper goods - particularly their hand-painted wrapping paper featured in Vogue and InStyle - and notecard sets with gold envelopes.

No need to follow suit and fall prey to mom-otone schemes. 

Available locally at Myth & Symbol, Brazos Bookstore, New Living and Bar Method Montrose.

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