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September 27th, 2016

Now Open :: Birch Modern Mercantile

Tanglewood's newest boutique, Birch Modern Mercantile, just opened its doors.


Birch Modern Mercantile
1856 Fountain View

There's a chill in the air almost as frosty as the exchange between the candidates last night. 

The drop in temperature won't last long, so while it's here, pay a visit to brand-new Birch Modern Mercantile in Tanglewood. Owned by a pair of stylish local women, the sleek boutique is decked out with racks of fall-transitional dresses, caftans from local label Mirth, celeb-adored Eliza Gran pom pom totes, furniture from Marfa, structured handbags, tabletop accessories and little girls' Mexican dresses from local Annie McQueen. The interior features geometric patterned rugs and pieces of birch wood sourced especially for the store.
No debate about it - this one's a winner.


You're invited to the grand opening of Birch with mariachi, margaritas and live music this Thursday, September 29, from 3 - 7:30 p.m.

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