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June 14th, 2015

Where Does the Center of a Bagel Go?

Bagel dots are the new donut holes.

You've always considered yourself quite the hostess - no toilet paper wedding dress game has ever happened under your roof - but you've recently fallen into a menu slump.

Say buh-bye to mini quiches and bring in Bagel Dots to your next event. The delicious from-scratch treats offer all the goodness of a bagel and topping in one bite. The brainchild of cutie Houstonian (and former New Yorker) Aarti Garehgrot, the dots are made using natural ingredients and baked in small batches to ensure they're top notch. With a variety of sweet and savory options like the cinnamon-topped Nutella or the Kitchen Sink - an everything bagel filled with veggie cream cheese - the one-biters are sure to please any crowd. Snag a dozen dots for under $9, plus free delivery if you're inside the Loop. 

Totally worth the dough. 

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