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November 16th, 2012

Awake The Snake

Once bitten twice styled.

The temperatures finally dropped and the first thing you did is slither into your favorite leather of the season. Now, you can't stop picturing a closet full of leggings, skirts and gloves to match. 

So was the story for local Annsley Popov of Presmer. Born after the designer wore her first pair of snakeskin stiletto heels and discovered she wanted the material in everyday life, her exotic python skins have graced everything from cuffs and belts to pillows and trays, drawing wows from the editors at Bazaar and the buyers of a major luxury department store that will carry the line in the spring (we promised we wouldn't say which one). The new painfully-chic stingray bangles will update your arm party (see them in our slideshow). 

There's so much to love you won't know which poison to pick.

Available at MuseCakewalk Style Shop, À bientôt and Blueprint Modern

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