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October 2nd, 2014

The Public Art Project You Can Participate In

South African artists set to display their beaded tapestry talent at Art League Houston.


Art League Houston
1953 Montrose Blvd.

This time of year has most of us thinking of MJ's Thriller.

Turn to an awe-inspiring crew who is more of the "just bead it" mentality - Art League Houston is currently constructing 360 Degrees Vanishing, a public art installation conceived by Houston artist Selven O'Keef Jarmon. The display will feature large-scale beaded tapestries (a total of 350,000 glass beads) that will wrap ALH's metal building - pictured, behind other public art, umbrellas made from images of brain scans. Fifteen expert beaders from a sewing co-op in South Africa moved to Houston to live as artists-in-residence while constructing the project, expected to be completed by month's end. 

As for how many times you should check out the bead-bombed building - don't stop 'til you get enough. 

Photo: Arie

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