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January 1st, 2016

About Front Row

Front Row is an optional enhanced paid subscription for Tidbits subscribers - for a six-month period, members receive luxury gifts, private party invitations, guaranteed goody bags at Tidbits events and other VIP perks. To add to the exclusivity of the program during its initial launch, Front Row slots were limited and sold out within 48 hours of the program's announcement. Due to reader demand, there is now a waiting list for Front Row membership. Program perks have included a complimentary salon blowout, fitness class, leather wallet, cocktails, dinner experiences, movie sneak peek tickets and gift bags. The most popular part of the program is invitations to events typically only accessed by members of the media and other influencers. Advertisers and local businesses have willingly provided perks, products and invitations to Front Row members given their desire for an enriched experience with the style-conscious young professional Tidbits subscriber, especially one who has paid for a higher level subscription. 

A Forbes.com Entrepreneurs profile describes the Front Row program.

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