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August 29th, 2012

5 Bikini Types by Body

Carla Valencia, the stylish editor of 002 Magazine, gives us the scoop on how to look great in your bathing suit.

Just in time for summer's last holiday, we asked the stylish editor of 002houston magazine, Carla Valencia de Martinez, how to pair a bikini with your body type. Here's what she had to say:

The best suit for your body sounds so much easier said than done!

As women, we are generally always insecure of our figures (unless you're Gisele), no matter how hard we work on them. But what I have found is the secret to feeling and looking your best in a suit is quite simply to love the skin you’re in. Accept your reality and work with what you got, girl! Oh, and smile.

Having said that, here are a few of my tricks.

  1. Makes sure you get the right fit. I went through a phase of buying a bigger size thinking it would cover more or make me look smaller. WRONG. A true fit is always better - large bottoms give you saggy butt, more fabric on top makes your look wider and disproportionate.
  2. You might not believe this but string bikinis are not only great for skinnier body types, but also curvy gals. The cut accentuates in all the right places. And if you are insecure, try one that offers more coverage. J Crew offers great options.
  3. Longer torsos do well with longer cut tops like tankinis or midriff bandeaus.
  4. Take the time to put your suit on properly. Tie, snap or strap on the top as if you were putting on your bra. Literally place your breasts in each cup and adjust straps accordingly to make sure you look and feel your best. Same thing with the bottoms; adjust them until they sit just right. If you have the right fit, they shouldn't budge unless you are diving Olympic-style into the pool.
  5. I have a few fuller coverage, boycut bottoms that get me through a day at the pool with my 13-month-old. And they don't have to be androgynous; mine have ruffles on them or an itty-bitty skirt that still keeps me feeling girly, even though I might be feeling more gorilla.

And if you just don't know and need help, head to your local swim store like La Mode and have a proper fitting. The specialists on hand should be able to help you get your best look. 

Photo:Gabriella Nissen

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