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February 20th, 2014

The Cutest Kids' Moccasins We've Ever Seen

Our only complaint about these Project Five moccasins is that they don't come in adult sizes.

As if the pitter-patter of tiny feet wasn't cute enough, may we present the perfect baby moc. 

Hand crafted in the U.S., these go-with-everything moccasins from Project Five are perfectly in step with the latest trends. Styles range from earthy classics in tan to eclectic silver and a funky Pendleton style graphic print. Buttery leather and super soft suede make a comfy fit a shoe-in, but for those seeking a super snUGGy upgrade, there's also a lambswool insert available. We find them to be a flawless combination of fashion and comfort.

It's one small step for toddler-kind. 

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