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June 29th, 2013

Pretty Yawn Thing

There are two sides to every bedtime story.

You'd trade your 401K for 8 full hours of blissful, wake-up-with-a-pillow-crease-mark-on-your-face sleep. Unlike your office's unwritten wardrobe competition, shut-eye is not something you excel at. Here are six ways your co-workers can tell you're not getting enough sleep.

1. You Instagrammed a picture of your double shot latte this morning when you were supposed to be at FedEx.

2. You wore that sad black pants and cardigan combo last Tuesday. And the week you gave it off did nothing for the wrinkles.

3. You mistook a mass HR email about optional spousal health insurance as a personal slight to your love life.  

4. The team is still snickering about the time you left the "L" out of "public" in your public relations presentation.

5. Your leftovers are clearly from the neighborhood pub's late night menu. 

6. You pulled a fake Foursquare check-in at Flywheel this morning before you hit snooze. And your boss was in the class.

Can't saw logs? It might be your mattress. Research proves sleep improves health and overall performance. Put your shopping skills to use at Mattress Firm, home to luxury labels like TempurPedic and YuMe, and browse a color-coded showroom, where there are people who actually want to hear your I'm-so-exhausted whining.

You just found the one thousand thread count fountain of youth.

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