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May 20th, 2014

Meet The Woman Who Names OPI Nail Colors

Ever wonder how OPI comes up with their outrageous polish names? Tidbits sat down with Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP, for the behind-the-colors scoop. Affectionately called the First Lady of Nails, the former fashion industry pro is responsible for every trend-frenzy color in the collection - including the "dark nails" revolution she sparked with Lincoln Park After Dark and the company's bestseller, I'm Not Really a Waitress.

Tidbits: What does OPI stand for? 
Suzi: We actually started in the dental industry, and the original name of the company was Odontorium Products, Inc.

Tidbits: How do you come up with the names for the polish? 
Suzi: We start with a geographic location--and then play on that region. We have six core people from marketing, advertising, and we always invite a guest at the company to join us. We sit in a room for 6-8 hours and we eat the [authentic] food from the area and discuss names - it's fun!

Tidbits: What is your favorite nail color for summer?
Suzi:  I love wearing really bright shades in the summer. Toucan Do It If You Try is my top pick; this coral hue is the perfect blend of pink and orange and looks great on everyone.  

Tidbits: What's the one nail maintenance product every girl should own? 
Suzi: Cuticle oil. It's the instant makeover for nails.

Tidbits: What makes OPI stand out from the pack? 
Suzi: Consistent quality, fashion forward colors and fun names!

Tidbits: Favorite nail color name from the latest collection? 
Suzi: My favorite lacquer name from the Brazil collection is Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? ‐ of course! 

Tidbits: Long or short? Square or round?
Suzi: Short and square with rounded corners. I have two kids and a busy life, so this style is easy to maintain.

Tidbits: Favorite drink to sip while getting a manicure? 
Suzi: Diet Coke in a can. You'll always see one in my hand!

Tidbits: Is there a color that looks great on your toes but should never be worn on your hands? 
Suzi: Bold, canary yellow hues like I Just Can’t Cope-acabana are very hot this season, but I prefer yellow for pedicures only. This shade looks really great against a summer tan. 

Tidbits: Your perfect summer getaway is... 
Suzi: During the summer, my favorite place to escape for a vacation with my family is Capri, Italy.

Tidbits: The one thing you can't live without during the summer is...
Suzi: My Patricia Underwood straw hat!

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