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October 17th, 2013

Cotton Candy For Adults (It Glows In The Dark!)

Trick or treat. Give me something sweet to eat.

Lately, party hosting has become a who's who of diets and nutritional blacklists among your friends.

Appeal to the health nuts on your guest list with Fluffpop, a gourmet, female-owned cotton candy company. Minus the chemicals and sticky fingers, these chic sweets come in creative categories like Fluffpop Flare - with glitter, champagne and martinis - as well as organic, exotic and kosher-upon-request. We love the seasonally-appropriate Glowpop (candy wrapped around a glowstick) for an adult take on a Halloween treat.

And it melts in your mouth, making it totally cleanse appropriate.

Mini MasonFluffpop's The Mini Mason is an adorable, single-serve jar that can be used as a placecard or party favor.

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