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February 13th, 2014

From Nude To Hue With Tom Ford

Last week you sent hate emails to all your exes, ruined your friend’s couples dinner by chanting love sucks and bashed in a heart piñata a la Jennifer Garner. Bitter Bitch sure looks good on you.

Well, the Tom Ford nail color does anyway. The high shine lacquer is part of the mega-watt designer’s luxe cosmetics line, in sleek new white packaging for spring. Trying to get the attention of the new guy at work? Polish on a little Naked. Those still reeling from a breakup should armor themselves in lip gloss dubbed Love Bruise. Saving yourself for Juan Pablo? Look demure in Chastity. From the Lavender Lust eye palette to lip stains in shades like Indiscretion and Vampire Kiss, there's nothing subtle about this collection, not even the price tag.

At least no one's ever called you a Trophy Wife.

Bitter Bitch Nail Lacquer>>

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