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June 10th, 2017

Freya, For The Fashionable Nomad

The most glamorous way to globetrot. Freya launched this week.

During your last flight, you were appalled by the clientele in your row - thank you man dressed in a sweatsuit, socks and flip flops and lady with the migraine-inducing amount of perfume. 
Do your part to keep travel sophisticated with a luxury hat case from Freya. The brand new line makes gallivanting all the more glamourous. Handmade in Tuscany, the cases come in a sophisticated color palette ranging from French blue and lovely fog to rich wine, caramel and olive. Smartly designed, The Poppy holds up to four hats, and tucked inside of the garden printed silk interior (inspired by the flora and fauna of Afghanistan, where Freya Stark voyaged), you'll find a makeup mirror, pocket for your charger and protective laptop strap. If you love the look enough to incorporate it into your everyday life, take a glance at The Mini Poppy which can be worn like a purse in python, snakeskin and metallic. 
And join the styled high club. 


Pre-order your Freya hat case through THIS Sunday, June 4, and you'll be gifted a gorgeous Freya silk scarf with your purchase. 

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