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December 16th, 2014

Another Iron in the Fire

Waffle Up opens in the Baker neighborhood.


Waffle Up
300 Elati St.
As much as you'd love to be an egg white omelet girl, the truth of the matter is your sweet tooth kicks in as soon as you wake up.  
Cave in to carb cravings at the just opened brick and mortar Waffle Up. Formerly a beloved food truck, the sleek permanent location offers the Liège-style waffles you've grown to love. Indulge in authentic Belgian street delights like butterscotch pecan, cinnamon cream cheese and strawberry or the brie and apple butter. If you want something a little lighter, go for the risotto oatmeal paired with an espresso from local brew Corvus Coffee.
Your sunny side up comes with syrup on top. 

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