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December 5th, 2013

The Sweet Site Of Fashion

A Denver blogger launches new site.

The Knot. The Nest. The Bump. We're all growing up, even our reading material. After years of following the musings of Denver writer Glorianna Schinagl, we're stoked to celebrate the launch of her new site Haleeb & Honey. And as a new mama, the beloved blogger has a refreshed (but still stylish) maternal eye viewpoint. We took five minutes to learn more about her thoughts on the trendiness of trends and the local boutiques where she's bound to be found...

What makes Denver women stylish?
I think it's the confidence to be able to dress casual, yet elegant. Denver women don't need to pile on jewelry and wear short skirts and high platform shoes to go out in downtown. The best dressed woman in the room at a Denver bar is sometimes the one in a knit beanie, all covered up. 

Trends you’re loving this season?
I don't really change my buying habits based on the trends, but I do follow the glossies and the runways to see what they show and try to interpret it in my own way and on my own budget. Don't be a slave to trends - sure, chunky knit sweaters are in, but I bought the Kirna Zebete black and white short sleeved sweater last year, and every time I try to wear it I feel so plump! 

Your fave local boutiques?
I have too many to name drop and too little a budget to really lay claim to supporting some over others, but there are definitely favorites I visit for different things... I would love several things from Goldyn including a gold initial necklace. Wordshop in the Highlands is wonderful for unique cards.Talulah Jones in Uptown has a special place, as I used to work there about a decade ago! You can find incredible French, Dutch and German toys and children's items and the owner Robin has such an eye for whimsy that you could seriously spend hours in her shop.  

You cover local fashion and events... What’s your fave run-around-town-outfit?
Lately, a pair of straight leg jeans from Gap, flat knee high boots, a long tank and a long cashmere wrap cardigan. I get hot running around and always layer.

What cocktail will you be sipping for the holidays?
Since I am breastfeeding... none! I do love a good glass of malbec once in a while. Oh, and I just had my first glass of egg nog of the season tonight- non fat, non alcoholic!

Mingle with Glorianna at the Bundle and Bliss soirée at Madewell in Park Meadows on Tuesday, December 10, from 6 - 9 p.m. Guests of Haleeb & Honey will receive a discount on purchases that night, a free gift, and sips and sweets.

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