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October 25th, 2012

Shoe Me, Baby

Shhhhh, it's a secret shoe society.

Shoe shopping is your happy place. You flit from store to store looking at the pretty pairs all lined up in a row. But when visiting hours are over, where do you go?
Introducing Sole Society, a new "shoe sorority" offering chic styles at insanely low prices 'round the clock - think suede stilettos for $49.95. Worried about getting caught in the same pair as your frenemy at work? SS debuts a new shoe style everyday so you'll see the good stuff first. Don't hassle with flash sale countdown clocks or special e-memberships - Tidbits readers get $20 off their first pair with code SHOE20 and shipping is free. 
Because pressing your face up against the glass after hours is bad for your complexion.

New Society girls, take $20 off your first pair with code SHOE20 - shipping is free. 

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