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July 27th, 2015

Say So Long to the Sarong

The slim-down secret of Beverly Hills celebs… and it uses No Needles, No Scalpel, No Stitches (TM).


Elite Body Sculpture
5 Medical Plaza Drive, Suite 150

The fastest you've run all summer is from the pool to your lounge chair to grab your towel.

Let the pros at Sacramento's Elite Body Sculpture give you the confidence boosting touch-up you crave with their patented AirSculpt™Laser Lipo treatment. The popular West Coast slimming treatment is loved by celebs and is one of the least invasive ways to contour your body. With no need for general anesthesia, you can stay awake during your in-office procedure and you'll most likely be back to your regular routine the next day. This amazing needle-free procedure targets the areas your most intense barre class can't seem to address. Mention Tidbits for $1,000 off your procedure (financing plans are available).

Because life's too short to be terrycloth co-dependent. 

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