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April 14th, 2015

Ask A Florist: Spring Stems How-To

Floral arranging tips from The Perfect Petal.


The Perfect Petal
3600 West 32nd Ave
Suite B

It's the time of year when you're just as likely to grab a bouquet at the market as you are a second bottle of rosé. We chatted with floral pro Cindy Ollig, owner of The Perfect Petal, to help us sort out the colorful chaos. Read her tips, tricks and trends in the stem scene, plus her candid advice on manly buds...

Current trends in the flower scene?
Neutral groupings like champagnes and blushes with pops of deeper accent floral have been all the rage for three years now. We’re beginning to see more lavender, pale blue and pale yellows emerge into designs, as well as more of a bohemian, West Coast influence.

Any fun Colorado wildflowers?
Thistles, coneflower, and grasses are all native, plus bright yellow coreopsis in the summer.

Favorite flower for this season? 
The spring hellebore is my perfect floral friend this season. Its curling, winding shape instantly improves any bouquet and the neutral palette of creamy whites, chartreuse, mauve, burgundy and eggplant are gorgeous!

How do you get the longest life out of your stems?
Touching a bouquet as little as possible and keeping it in a cool dark room will do wonders.

What's a bouquet no-no?
Too many types of stems in one bouquet can be a disaster. 

Girls gifting flowers to guys: coolish or foolish?
Coolish! We love green trick dianthus, scabiosa pods, lotus pods, succulents and orchids, as they are long-lasting and visually interesting. 

Photo credit: Annette Slade

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