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January 3rd, 2013

Blogger Camille Styles Plans For a Chic 2013

Lifestyle blogger Camille Styles (yes, that's her real name), is beloved for her creative decorating and party ideas, and has even been asked to collaborate with brands like West Elm and Kate Spade New York. We asked this trendsetter to tip us off to her top 5 goals for 2013. Inspired minds want to know...

Try out one new recipe every week. Since my daughter was born 4 months ago, I've been relying on quick, throw-together meals to get us through busy week-nights. I'm feeling so ready to reconnect with my passion for cooking and get a little more adventurous in the kitchen. This flatbread is first on my list.

Take a photography class. This is one of those resolutions that seems to pop up on my list every year, but I really want to take my photography skills to the next level and gain a better understanding of my camera.

Carve out undistracted playtime with my daughter. I'm such a multi-tasker that this can be a huge challenge, but I really want to practice putting my work and cell phone away to be fully present when I'm with her. These precious baby years go by way too quickly!

Start each day with gratitude. I always have a list of thank-you's I need to write to party hosts, gift givers and all the people in my life who are constantly so generous. I'd like to start each workday by sitting down at my desk and penning a few handwritten notes before getting sucked into my email inbox.

Actually read my book club's books. (Shh, don't tell!) First up for the new year? The Happiness Project... no doubt I'll come away from reading that one with a few more resolutions to add to my list! 

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