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January 16th, 2013

You're Gonna Kiehl Over

While bee-lining to check out the latest electric facial brush (with five tubes of mascara in hand), you cut off a Botoxed shopper grabbing for the last tub of La Mer. Your junkie skills make the fragrance reps cower and give the sale clerks chills.

You may not stop at anything to try the latest miracle in a jar, but your bank account will. Instead of admitting you have a problem (and searching for extra space on your counter), sign up for BeautyBox 5, a chic new Texas-based monthly delivery of must-have cosmetic products you haven't heard of yet. Indulge in a Tiffany blue box of four generous samples like lush lashes from Hollyren, shiny City Lips gloss and hair care from Curls.

Beauty is inside the box. 


Give you faux lashes and electric pink shadow and you think you can sing like Nicki Minaj. After one swipe of Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch lip rouge, your male coworkers have been known to weep.

You're gonna love the multiple personalities (all of them pretty) you'll find in your first shipment of BeautyBox 5, a chic new Texas-based delivery of must-have cosmetic products you haven't heard of yet. Product junkies get their fix with each monthly Tiffany blue box, loaded with indulgent samples like lush lashes from Hollyren, shiny City Lips gloss and hair care from Curls.

Rose McGowan by any other name would smell as sweet. OR Beauty is inside the box. 

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