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January 25th, 2017

All Shop No Talk

Introducing Worn + Domestic, stylish inspo for body and boudoir.

In an effort to budget this year, you've found your expenditures fall squarely in two categories: things to adorn yourself and things to adorn your apartment.

You'll love Worn + Domestic. The brand new site is the brainchild of Tidbits' own Anne Campbell and Dallas-reared interior designer Sarah Wittenbraker. Gorgeous inspiration boards feature curated clothing and accessories (worn) next to home goods (domestic), all using a single theme. Click through concepts like this one, featuring picks inspired by Sayulita, Mexico, or products that channel David Bowie, Brushstrokes and Marfa, so you can complement your overspending on your closet with overspending on your casa. 

Your spreadsheet has never looked so chic.

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