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June 18th, 2014

Make A Meal In No Time

Twenty-Dollar, Twenty-Minute Meals is the solution for on-the-go girls

By the time you've wrapped your double-booked happy hours, you're so exhausted from socializing that the only dinner you'll consider is one that comes to your door in a box.

Enjoy your meal without dealing with the doorbell thanks to the new cookbook, Twenty-Dollar, Twenty-Minute Meals. Dallas resident and author Caroline Wright, who is also a food blogger and regular Cooking Light contributor, filled her culinary page-turner with easy-breezy recipes (like Roasted Mackerel with Aioli and Parsleyed Potatoes) peppered with food p*rn-worthy pics and foolproof ingredient tips and substitutions. From yummy gourmet pizzas to desserts like peaches with rose syrup, each dish serves four and will leave everyone wanting to kiss the cook. 

And you can save the delivery tip as a down payment on your next round of drinks. 

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