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February 12th, 2020

Will You Accept This Rose Bar?

Brand new local concept Trove Florals pops up for Valentine's Day.

Macarons crumble and blurry martini memories fade. 

But an Instagram post is forever. Consider zooming in on perfect petals from brand new Trove Florals. The local concept creates luxury preserved flower boxes with elements like champagne and black roses. Just in time for Cupid's big day, Trove is bringing its gold wax stamps to a two-day pop-up at TOOTSIES. Step up to the Rose Bar and hand-select a rose and color palette from the menu. Tip back glasses of rosé while your bouquet is snipped, prepped and wrapped to perfection as a token of love to take home. In addition to the point, sniff and pick process, there are boxes on hand like The Dianne, available in petite, original or luxe sizing. 

You'll love it, you'll love it a lot. 

Trove Florals at TOOTSIES
Thurs, Feb 13, & Fri, Feb 14, 2 - 4 p.m.

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