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September 8th, 2016

Read a Recipe From a Tea Towel

Read your recipe on your tea towel, thanks to Fresh Out of Ink.

You tried making a recipe from the Pinterest app on your phone, then had to lick the sugar and flour off the screen.

Use a medium that’s made to get dirty with tea towels from Fresh Out of Ink. The husband and wife team behind the Dallas-based biz design towels that artfully illustrate how to make a yummy baked treat. Each piece is hand-drawn by the duo and screen printed on cotton to make a pretty, yet practical, kitchen accessory. Get into the fall spirit with their pumpkin pie towel and complement your set with the always-classic chocolate chip cookies recipe. Tidbits gift idea: make one of the recipes and package it with a towel.

Because no recipe should call for cell service. 

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