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February 15th, 2018

Spring, Summer, Fall, Wintour

Editor-inspired blooms from Urban Stems.

From Laurel Pantin and Taylor Tomasi Hill to The Glamourai, your Fashion Week follows are as Texan as you are.

Here's more hot-off-the-presses Lone Star style. D.C.-based boutique biz Urban Stems is now serving Texas (online orders are delivered same-day in Austin, fast in other cities). Choose a modern bouquet in a sleek vase that arrives in in pretty packaging - their new Vogue collection was "arranged" by the mag's top editors. Choose from Selby Drummond's Provençal bouquet of ranunculi, eucalyptus and purple petals, "The Sally," made with the pinks and yellows Vogue's digital creative director Sally Singer prefers, or Nicole Phelps' deep red mix.

Lights. Camera. Fashion.

Photo: @koko_secretrainbowpath

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