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September 21st, 2018

Snap Into A Slim Gym

Bandier hooks up with local fitness powerhouses to offer free fitness in Highland Park Village.

It's hard enough for you to decide if it's a red or white night. 

Head to a place where all the choices are on the table. Highland Park Village hosts a Bandier experiential pop-up studio, which will be located between Celine and Balenciaga this weekend, Sept 28-30. Head inside for free 45-minute classes from Exhale, Session Pilates, Zyn22, Ride House, Lync Cycling and The Barre Code. Book your class now before they fill up and then look forward to pre- and post-class indulgences like refreshments from The Juice Bar and Tata Harper flash facials at goop.
The options are bottomless. 

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