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January 6th, 2016

Beauty Tips Straight from Budapest

Meet Omorovicza’s beautiful co-founder, Margaret Heinrich.

We love a good love story. Especially one that makes our skin glow as a result. To kickstart 2016, we talked trade secrets with Margaret Heinrich, the gorgeous co-founder of Omorovicza, a luxury skincare line carried locally at Neiman Marcus, to find out her opinion on Euro vs US approach to skincare and what three things you're probably doing wrong in your own routine..

Your product lines bring Budapest's beauty secrets to us in the States. Which single product should we all add to our beauty repertoire for a lovely new year glow?
Thermal Cleansing Balm – a pitch black cleanser which smells of orange blossom.  It not only cleanses beautifully, but improves tone and texture of your skin.

What is the biggest difference in the way American women approach beauty maintenance vs. a European mindset?
It’s quite different. Hungarian Women start getting weekly facials when they are about 13 and have a solid understanding of their skin's condition from this early age. Therapists here are very well informed as training takes years and years and share their knowledge about effects on your skin of diet, climate, hormones, and how to alter your skincare to compensate for the inevitable changes to the condition of your skin that these elements create.  In America, it's the opposite, or it was for me at least. I was marched to a dermatologist which I was 13 and given some pretty harsh medication and I did not have a facial until I was roughly 19 years old.  I did not have a very good education or understanding on how to care for my skin.. makeup was more important. Also, when I was living in the States, I used the same skincare regime throughout the year.

What are the top three things most women are doing incorrectly when it comes to skincare?
The mistakes I used to make was not exfoliating, not changing my skincare regime between summer and winter, and not investing in a fantastic cleanser.    

Which of your products were used on the Rag & Bone models during NY Fashion Week?
Gucci Westman loved the Blue Diamond Range, our Queen of Hungary Mist and the Thermal Cleansing Balm.

Botox: taboo or to be considered?
Nothing should be taboo if it feels right to you.

We think you look incredible! Any personal tips on what you put into your body nutrition wise that helps elevate the products you use on the outside?
Thank you!  My mind says eat seasonal, local foods but my heart (which overrules my mind) says go for the chocolate chip cookies. Great skincare really can make a difference if you are someone like me.

We are intoxicated by your husband Stephen (the brand's co-founder) romancing you by way of his family's thermal springs. Aside from those visual wonders, what is the most romantic part about Budapest?  
The Danube. It runs through the city and taking strolls alongside is pretty fabulous.

Best natural, at-home beauty remedy after a party when the champagne flows too quickly?
Masks. I love our Copper Peel which in three minutes leaves your complexion looking like you just had a 90-minute facial.  

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