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March 10th, 2012

Six Steps to Six Pack Abs

We turned to the totally-cute Ally Davidson for tips towards bikini-perfect abs.

We turned to the totally-cute Ally Davidson for tips towards bikini-perfect abs. Her uber-popular Camp Gladiator boot camps were voted best-of by D Mag--the teams-driven workout for "contenders" starts this Monday, March 19th.

{Six steps to six pack abs}
1. Most people think that doing a million crunches is the way to get a six pack - it's not. You could have the most amazing abs in the world, but if you don't shed the body fat overlying them, no one will see them.

2. Shed fat by combining cardio and strength training in an interval intensive session that is designed to keep the heart rate up the entire time.

3. Fancy equipment not required. Plyometrics, sprints and other "body weight" exercises are sufficient for all over strengthening and core tightening.

4. Try plank- or pushup-based core exercises--they not only work your abs, but your arms, shoulders, butt and legs all at the same time. Like, the Sexy Spider, a plank position that brings knees towards your head.

5. Or the Johnny C, a plank position balancing on your hands then alternating by lowering each arm.

6. And for serious fitness buffs, a Super-Duper Burpee uses weights, incorporates a push-up, then extends into a full press, working the entire body.

March 19 - April 14--attend any and all sessions!

Dallas Tidbits readers get 45% off Camp Gladiator! The 60-minute workout incorporates weights, running, plyos and core training exercises like the Sexy Spider to increase metabolism by building muscle. You'll burn 600-800 calories in each session, can attend as often as you want and can mingle with other campers at their hip happy hours.

Discount details.

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