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You always have the most adventurous order at dinner and your wine skills are so sharp your girlfriends think you're a secret sommelier. But one look at a craft brew list, and you blow your fancy cover. Up your know-how with our guide to gal-friendly brews from DFW area houses.

High Brass The Heidi Klum of beers, a sexy full-bodied blonde with delicate hints of caramel malts. [Revolver Brewing Company, Grandbury]  

Dallas Blonde Even after controversy over its description, "Goes down easy," the canned brew remains uber popular for its hints of citrus and floral. [Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Dallas]

Local Buzz A ladylike approach: spicy-meets-sweet and made with Dallas honey. [Four Corners Brewing, Dallas]

Rahr’s Blonde The first child of this brewery, the medium-bodied blonde keeps things pleasant but isn’t too sweet. [Rahr & Sons, Fort Worth] 

Breezy Blonde Ale The color every blonde strives for, this golden beauty is all babe. [903 Brewers, Sherman]

Blonde Ale A sip that's dainty, refreshing and tells it like it is. [Independent Ale Works, Denton]

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