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8 Stylish Cocktails You Need to Be Drinking

1. Seven | Grace
Named for the number of ingredients within, this creative cocktail is perfectly refreshing with mint, cucumber and cayenne pepper.

2. Bitter Beauty | Little Red Wasp
Get a taste of Dallas in Fort Worth - the sipper is mixed with Deep Ellum IPA.

3. Golden Girl (pictured) | The Standard Pour
Sip guilt- and gluten-free with “farm-to-bottle” Zodiac vodka made with Russet potatoes.

4. Strawberry Crush | The Porch
Hand-pressed strawberries and vodka elderflower make for a little sweet with your savory.

5. The Fainting Goat | Rodeo Goat
Revolver Blood and Honey mixed with vodka and orange juice – a concoction so strong there's a strict two-drink maximum. 

6. Eternal Flame | Tate’s
A strawberry margarita infused with jalapeño and ginger beer, and a side of Uptown people watching.

7. Green Thumb | The Woolworth
Get a garden in a glass downtown with cucumber, basil and cracked pepper. Bonus! The balcony opens in March. 

8. Dirty Martini | Louie’s
The sign doesn’t lie. One of the best and stiffest martinis in town comes from this dive bar-slash-pizza parlor.

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