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July 30th, 2015

This Drink Is Nuts

Got Malk? The Texas artisanal almond milk line hits Whole Foods.

You try to stay hydrated in the heat but have found adding limes and liquor to your water isn't doing the trick. 

Drink healthy with flavor to boot thanks to Texas-based MALK. Created to combat the unknown ingredients found in most store-bought almond milks, this plant-made version is cold-pressed and never heated to ensure each sip touts max nutrients and flavor. Every product uses more than a cup of nuts and a max of five ingredients - like the unique customer favorite Maple Pecan, made with filtered water, organic pecans, maple syrup, vanilla and a touch of Himalayan salt. And, the versatile sweet vanilla and artisanal almond milk flavors have MALK loyalists mixing up deliciously creative recipes of their own like popsicles, lattes and shakes.

Does a hottie good.

Available at Whole Foods Market beginning August 1. Also available at Green Grocer and Minyard Sun Fresh Market.

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