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In Queso Emergency

It's a viscous cycle: the more margaritas you drink, the more chips and queso you consume. The more calorie guilt you wake up with, the more likely to drown your body sorrows in a happy hour.

You need some Queso No-Fatso in your life. The brand new local product tastes so much like the real thing, we had to try it sober to make sure we weren't dreaming. So what's the secret? Family business Skinny Cactus has spent months perfecting a blend of fat free milk, natural real-cheese-turned-powder to reduce calories, and plenty of onions and agave-soaked cauliflower for taste and thickness. Try the original Blanco, the perfect-for-patios Chipotle or, for the truly brave, the habanero-laced Fire - all with absolutely nada guilt.

And if you believed this, you are el fool de April. 


April Fools'! Your regularly scheduled Tidbit, on a real local business, will arrive this afternoon. 

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