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July 30th, 2015

Scout's Honor

Coordinate your home with Dallas-based Scout + Lilly.

Despite your passion for Pantone, your living room looks more like Mad Men's last season than a carefully curated collection of goods.

Bring it all together with the online shop, Scout + Lilly. Dallas gal Kathleen Krueger Turner designs and creates all of her precious pieces by hand in her home studio using leather, gold foil, felt and original silkscreening. The perfect place to stock up on unique and affordable accessories for your home and office, our faves include the wool felt pennant declaring "the answer is always tacos" (truth) or simply "y'all." Check out her portfolio for custom-designed paper suites for weddings and business branding swag.

Keeping your reputation Sterling.

Available locally at The Gypsy WagonMagnolia Sous Le PontNeighborhood, and We Are 1976.

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