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February 13th, 2019

Sealed With A Kick

Say "I heart you" with a stomp of Miron Crosby's Elaine boot.


Miron Crosby
25 Highland Park Village, Ste 201
Whose bed have your boots been under? 
The guy you've been smooching, of course, so mark your territory with a pair adorned in Xs and Os, by way of Miron Crosby's Elaine boot. The red kidskin midi boots are hand-lasted and inlayed with pink lips and other markers of Cupid's big day. They sold out quickly after their release, so the sisters behind the local brand have put them in the permanent custom collection. You can't snag a pair to wear tomorrow, but you can stop into the Highland Park Village boutique with your beau to begin your custom order - he can hand-write a love note to be transcribed in the liner so they're truly one of a kind. 
Wear your heart on your heel. 

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