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July 23rd, 2011

Indigo Girls

Hip Chixs is a brand new breathable denim line from local babes Aimee Miller and Megan Carreker.

A pool of sweat and self tanner on your leather seats. Steam on your Kate Spade shades. Frizzy hair that tells your Chi to shove in.

It's the fog days of summer, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be stylish. If you've shelved your jeans ‘til temps cool, consider Hip Chixs, the brand new denim line from local blue jean queens and Baylor grads Aimee Miller and Megan Carreker. The duo has designed fine woven, super-soft breathable styles made in LA (but adorned with a "Y'all Want Some of This?" Texas shout-out inside the pockets).

It's getting haute out there but, baby, keep your blue jeans on.


Available at The Blues Jeans Bar
6810 Snider Plaza Dr.
Dallas, TX 75205

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