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July 17th, 2018

Meet The Flower Gals

Bouquets on-the-go from the Flower Gals Co., by way of their roving VW truck floral shop.

You and your mom text 20 times a day, consulting on everything from which milk she should get in her iced macchiato to the shade of Essie that fits your current mood.

Meet a mother-daughter duo who confer on all of the above and more, as the Flower Gals Co. The two recently launched a darling mobile floral service, filling a refurbished vintage VW truck with buckets of fantastically fresh-cut flowers. Making appearances at spots like Neiman's and the West Village - locations are posted by way of their location tag on Instagram - they travel about to bring a bouquets and flowers by the stem for purchase to passersby. Petite chalkboards feature the blooms and bouquets of the day, all hand-tied with black and white grosgrain ribbon and wrapped in butcher paper. Pick your fave free card with purchase like one that says, "Yes it’s from me. Try not to pee your pants.” Are you a floral fiend? Rent the truck for your wedding and fill it with your signature stem.

The perfect outing for those attached at the rose hip. 

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