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November 1st, 2013

Fake It? Not In Your Bedroom

The A to ZZZ's of fashion.

You never considered yourself a slave to labels, but a knock-off lifestyle (cubic zirconia engagement rings, smudgy pharmacy-brand eyeliner, pleather) just doesn’t suit your adult side.
When it comes to securing quality beauty sleep, Tempur-Pedic is considered the Manolo Blahnik of mattresses. Your friend who won't shut up about the contour cushioning is right - no lesser label could handle all your snoring and spooning (even if that's only with Ben & Jerry lately). Style 360 and Mattress Firm went backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to pluck sleep secrets from celebs like Carmen Electra and found out the number one priority of VIPs is zzz's.
Sham? No thank you, ma'am.

You'll spend $795 on a pair of blistering stilettos but you're still sleeping on your parents' hand-me-down mattress. (Eww.) Shop Mattress Firm's 4 Day Sale starting Friday, November 22, and get a free gift (Samsung Tablet, 32” HDTV or $300 bonus cash) with the purchase of select Tempur-Pedics and other luxe brands.

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