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February 6th, 2014

Vegans Need Cocktails, Too

Be grazeful at Blind Butcher, where the ever-changing entrees are listed on metal boards not menus.


Blind Butcher
1919 Greenville Avenue

You're on a strict all-protein, no-carb diet, while your bestie is constantly redefining the term "paleo-ish." 

Put aside your differences at the Blind Butcher, which opened yesterday on Lower Greenville. The new concept from the former catering chef at Abacus combines fine dining in a casual space inspired by New York pubs. The hyper-local menu means all curing, grinding and fermenting are done in-house. Many dishes feature meat (think pastrami egg rolls and bacon brussels sprouts) while others are vegan friendly like a "hot dog" with tofu bacon and an entire section dedicated to "green things."

When it comes to a bar-meets-bites scenario, you've always been able to find friends in cold places.

See Blind Butcher's menu>>

Toast to warm tidings with one of Blind Butcher's vegan-friendly craft cocktails - like the Dove Tail, the Notary, and the rotating Seasonal Smash.

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