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HALF OFF Camp Gladiator Bootcamp! (Unlimited Sessions)

When you watched the Coachella crash diet video, you mocked the desperation, but related to the pressure of becoming tip-top for your crop top. 

Chuck the ridiculous quick fix trends that are about as trustworthy as Birkenstocks being back in style, and opt for a more systematic and healthy approach to slimming with Camp Gladiator. The Texas-born concept has developed a cult following for its four-week boot camp sessions that combine plyo, strength training, cardio and agility drills to whip and trick your body into the kind of svelte shape you want for the summer months. Tidbits readers get the upcoming camp for just $90 (regularly priced $180).

Because the only people busting through physique plateaus are the mountain climbers. 


TAKE HALF OFF the April 21-May 17 Camp Gladiator - attend UNLIMITED sessions at ALL of locations:

1. Create account or sign into an existing one.
2. Once signed in, choose "Register" next to your desired camp date.
3. Enter the redemption code Tidbits50 in "Discount or Promo Code" field, hit Validate and proceed with the rest of your checkout.


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