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September 26th, 2016

Tracy Anderson Studio in Dallas!

Tracy Anderson's pop-up studio opens in Highland Park Village this weekend, and you can take a class from the celeb herself.


Tracy Anderson Pop-Up Studio
32 Highland Park Village

You rock the 2 pound ankle weights, bought the mini rebounder trampoline and have dedicated 90 days of your life to the Metamorphosis program. But still you dream of pulling a Paltrow and doing a Tracy Anderson workout live in action. 

Hold onto your good hYOUman tank tops - the trainer to the most inspiring celeb physiques is opening a 1,250 sq. ft. Tracy Anderson Pop-Up Studio in Highland Park Village. For the first time, Dallas will have access to three months of the unprecedented - and mind-numbingly focused - fitness strategy that a Method class delivers with a daily schedule of muscular structure and dance cardio classes. In addition to the body-transforming workouts, guests can load up on workout gear and branded nutritional supplements. 

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