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September 6th, 2019

Get Your Aura Portrait + Meet Kendra Scott!

Get your aura read at our Kendra Scott event next week.

You can tell the way your day went by the color of your evening cocktail. The clearer the drink, the harder the day. 

Get a color reading of a different kind at our private party hosted by Kendra Scott herself. The designer is in Dallas to host our members at a sparkly event at her West Village boutique. Hear from Kendra about her favorite new pieces for fall, then hit Auras All Around, a complimentary aura photography pop-up and crystal experience at the party. The local mother-daughter duo will capture and interpret your individualized energy with their specialized biofeedback camera. You'll leave with a polaroid and a reiki-infused crystal of your choosing. Get on the guest list for this free event!

That's not all. If you join Tidbits Insider, our new VIP program, you'll leave the event with a Kendra Scott necklace, pictured below, (valued at $50) and a limited-edition Kendra Scott bandana.

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