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January 24th, 2017

For the Paint of Heart

Anna Tovar draws inspiration and beauty in her archival print collection.

If you had a glass of wine every time you needed some uplifting 4 o’clock work inspiration, well, you’d probably be jobless.

Instead of popping the cork, pop some positivity by way of whimsical wall art from Anna Tovar. The local artist has conceived a collection of archival prints that both inspire and impress. Her carefully crafted pieces boast a Southern charm that blend watercolor paintings with catchy phrases. You'll love the designs insprired by each of our 50 states' state flowers. Printed on ultra-smooth paper with a matte finish, select prints have the option of a rustic, hand-stained wood frame for that already put together look.

What's an extra mantra minute before happy hour?

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