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June 15th, 2017

Local Line to Love :: Ora et Labora

An international stylist brings her good taste home with Ora et Labora.

Your summer “rosé all day” mantra hasn't been flying at work lately.

Switch up your mantra with inspo from Ora et Labora, an e-boutique launched by stylist, photog and member of the local art elite Gisela Borghi. Latin for “pray and work,” her e-store embodies the ultimate in fine hand craftsmanship, featuring independent designers from Italy, Argentina and the US. Browse her stunning collection of clothing and fashion accessories in neutral colors with serious statement pieces, like the "urban companion" tote, pictured below, plus minimalist textiles and housewares. If you prefer to touch and feel the goods in person, make an appointment to tour the Dallas showroom - it's such a retail gem that the address is unpublished.

You still gotta go to work, work, work.

Ora et Labora is part of a pop-up shop of local brands that launches TODAY, Friday, June 16, at Sylvan | Thirty. The collective is open daily through July 2. There's an opening cocktail reception tonight - inquire for details.


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