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June 11th, 2018

These Shoes Have Custom Soles (and Monograms on the Sole)

Fed up with designer shoes that hurt her feet, a local fashion obsessive created Benincasa.

You wanted to take your pretty new Away roller bag through some international terminals this summer, but your travel plans were thwarted when your coworker hit send on hers first.
Luckily you can still have a foreign affair with a pair of gorgeous stilettos from Benincasa, which are custom-made to your very own foot. The new Deep Ellum-based brand features shoes handmade in a village outside Milan. Unlike your other teeter-totter, pinchy designs, the line offers a "fit kit" for you to make a foam impression of your foot that is used to create a uber-comfy, custom insole. (Turn-around time is three weeks.) Founder Maija Benincasa studied cobbling in Italy before working with a biomedical engineer at UT Southwestern to develop her technology that prevents ball of foot pain. See how long you can stand comfortably in the Ferrara in flame and, if you're forced to be in the States, pretend you're not by wearing divine details like hand-folded Italian pleats to Mille Lire. They'll even monogram your soles.
Little miss vacay quickdraw will be kicking herself when she sees you've taken it all in stride. 

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