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July 11th, 2013

Swivel Mister

Cut to close up.


J.Studio Salon
704 E 36th Street

Once upon a time, your at-home hair trim turned into a not-so-happy ending.

Instead of running with scissors, opt to enter the fairytale home office of Joey Hewell (pictured), who recently moved his J.Studio Salon to NoDa. As one of the founders of Charlotte’s coveted fashion event Front Row, and the producer of FashionSoul, the magical cut and color guru is a cut above the rest both on and off of the runway. Buzz past whimsical gardens and lawn statues, give an appreciative nod to his collection of sweet rescued pups and leave his charming palace feeling like a princess, physically and mentally. 

Click your heels three times - there's no place like NoDa.

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