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March 11th, 2015

Step Inside a Sub-Zero

Drop the temp to drop the pounds at Charlotte Athletic Club.


CryoFix Charlotte
Charlotte Athletic Club, Duke Energy Building
550 S. Tryon St. #170

Your crazy work schedule is helping you climb the ladder at the office... you just wish that kind of climbing also toned your thighs. 

Go from flab to fab in just minutes at CryoFix Charlotte, new inside Charlotte Athletic Club and owned by the same players behind Tryon Street Yoga. Beloved by celebs like Demi Moore, the sub-zero temperature beauty treatment boasts benefits like tighter skin, reduced appearance of cellulite and, potentially, weight loss. Slip out of your clothes and into gloves for a minutes-long "freeze" session inside the chamber where liquid nitrogen is cooled to a balmy -220° F. Why does it work? The rush of cold releases endorphins and rapidly circulates oxygen-rich blood throughout the body - leaving you looking brand spanking new. 

Drop it like it's cold. 

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