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February 10th, 2012

Best Wine for Making Out Tonight

We sat down for a swirl with the lovebirds behind Myers Park tasting room Petit Philippe.


Petite Phillipe
2820 Selwyn Ave. #160

We sat down for a swirl with Casey Hickey and Mark Meissner, the lovebirds behind Myers Park tasting room Petit Philippe. From the right pairing for their chocolate line recently featured in O Magazine to the best blend to smooch with, we found out what to uncork this Valentine's Day.

What is the best bang for your bubbly bucks?
Jean Charles Boisset Crement at $24--finessed, aromatic and beautiful in the glass.

Is it tacky to mix white and red?
In the same glass, my 5-year-old would say it's like worms on toast. But seriously, we love to start with a beautiful glass of white or rose and then move onto some red--preferably a pinot noir and then something bigger like a cabernet sauvignon blend--definitely the right approach for the foodies out there.

What is the most common mispronunciation you hear in your shop?
It's always fun to hear folks put their French accent on and ask for a nice bottle pinot NOIR...

If a guy is planning to put the moves on his Valentine, he should buy...
If it were me (and I've been out of the game for a while) I'd start with a rose sparkler from the south of France and then uncork some smooth pinot noir from the Russian River Valley. I'll see if it works with my bride...

Does a higher end vino actually give you less of a hangover?
It's not all about price, but generally speaking wines that are less manipulated (which I'd correlate with wines that are typically from smaller production lots) will likely have lower levels of sulphur-dioxide. But ultimately, hangovers come from excess more than anything.

If you were trapped in a wine cellar, what label would you want with you?
1989 Lynch Bages. Hopefully if it's only one bottle, it's not corked.

And your Valentine's Day recommendations for...
..making out?
Seriously? Anything cold... bubbles without a doubt.
... bitter-and-alone chocolate gorging?
Desert wine like a sparking rose Brachetto... perfect with the chocolates. So good you'll be glad you didn't have to share with anyone.
...If he's the one?
Make sure he's man enough to drink some rockin' California chardonnay and not just a "big Napa Cab."

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