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January 8th, 2015

If You Can't Walk Then Crawl

Your "go to the gym every morning" resolution was easy to commit to in theory. But the best you've gotten thus far is getting out of bed and to the office with your hair done.  

Pick up your pace by starting with a crawl. An art crawl. The adorable town of Cornelius is hosting its 2nd Friday Art Crawl once again and it's a must-attend event for art and food lovers. Catch a glimpse of NC artists, musicians and vendors while you stroll the quaint old town streets. Work up an appetite as you go and snag a treat from local food trucks like a BBQ sundae from OooWee BBQ or a stuffed burger from Food Freaks of NC. Thirsty? You'll have plenty to sip on with local craft beer selections galore. 

A hairbrush session does not a bicep make. 

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