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July 24th, 2020

The Wonderspaces Years

Immerse yourself in interactive art exhibit Wonderspaces, now open to the public.


1205 Sheldon Cove
Ste. 2-A

The closest you've come to a culture fix lately is scanning the documentary section on Hulu in the middle of the night. 

Step into the world of Wonderspaces, the brand new interactive art exhibit in Northeast Austin. Featuring 12 installations from artists from around the world, including artwork from SXSW, Burning Man and Sundance, you're invited to weave your way through the 28,000 square foot space to take in the awe-inspiring mix of immersive installations, audio magic paired with color changing lights, trippy visuals like a room of multiple mirrors, and a mind-blowing portrait made of individually-hanging spheres (below). Social distancing and limited entry will be a priority, so mask up and embark on the adventure. 

One that doesn't involve streaming. 

Top photo: @travelwithvee

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