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March 17th, 2010

Witchy Women

Consider the Sisters of the Black Moon the new black.

Whether you've pricked your finger to become blood sisters with a gal pal, played _light as a feather, stiff as a board_ at a slumber party or put a lighter to love letters from an ex, we've all dabbled with our dark sides from time to time.

We found three chicks who have gone darker than dark. Consider the Sisters of the Black Moon, the new black. They have turned mythical mayhem into a style trend with their recently launched eBay shop, which they have dubbed as their "moonchild". Their merch consists of a collection of hauntingly cool, epic vintage pieces--think flowy seventies style blouses and Indian-esque bohemian headpieces.

No need to bust out your Ouija boards - this trendy trifecta is a definite Y-E-S.


_Be on the lookout for The Sisters' ebay store to be chock-full of merch tomorrow" />_

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