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July 6th, 2012

Where to Get Blasted Today

A trendy new blowdry bar opens on North Lamar.

Your arms are burning so badly from your last barre workout that properly washing and drying your hair seems like the kind of thing you could skip... for the third day in a row.

Instead of shaking baby powder on your scalp, book a pampering session at new Blast Blowdry, where the wash, deep conditioning and blowout service is just $32 with today's Treat (regularly $65), leaving you looking salon-perfect 'til your biceps are sore no more. Choose a look from the signature style menu and settle into the sleek-meets-space age environs, where each hipster beauty guru is armed with a hairdryer that hangs overhead and Italian-made products and potions.  
One girl's luxury is another gal's lazy. 
Today, get a blowout and style for $32 at Blast Blowdry. (Use through October.)
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