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June 20th, 2017

Simple, Bare Necessities

She'll feel like kinfolk. The author of Wabi-Sabi Welcome just made a stylish stop in Austin.

You recently made the bold move to quit Facebook. And this time you swear it's going to stick. 

With the quieting of social media noise, continue to simplify your life with the help of new book Wabi-Sabi Welcome by Julie Pointer Adams. Among other accolades, Adams is credited for the creation of Kinfolk Magazine's international dinner and event series. Her gorgeous tome will familiarize you with the fun-to-say Japanese term wabi-sabi, a concept that honors the beauty of natural imperfection and chosen simplicity. Flip through to find beautiful imagery - shot by she and her husband - paired with ideas on how to create a hospitable home environment, entertain guests in warm ways and surround yourself with simple pleasures. With backdrops ranging from Japan and France to California, you'll find yourself refreshing your lifestyle choices with the turn of each page. 

Far better feed for your soul. 

Photo: @patchworkhrmy

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