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December 9th, 2014

Where to Get Lit Like a Christmas Tree

'Tis the season for sipping.

Lately you've been feeling less "deck the halls" and more deck the next person who says anything about your wreath hanging off-center. Recapture your holiday spirit with a few well-shaken ones around town...
Drink Your Carbs: Whisler’s is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a place to capture the coziness of the season without being surrounded by dancing Santas. Try the I Yam what I Yam made with butter-rum and sweet potato shrub and ask for the marshmallow garnish extra crispy.
Ice Skate: Swift's Attic has put a new spin on their Ice Ball cocktail with a rum and cider variation, complete with an ice cream sandwich on the side. 
Par Rum Pum Pum Pum: No Va is serving up a Rum Fashioned made with rum (of course), cinnamon syrup, 5 spice bitters and an apple ice cube. Sip it by the fireplace downstairs for an après-ski atmosphere.
The Cure For What Ails Ya: And if none of the above can cure what ails you head over to newly re-opened The Highball for a Penicillan. Scotch, honey, lemon and ginger with a side of karaoke are guaranteed to banish any holiday humbugs.
Cocoa Chanel: If you're looking for a full-on Winter Wonderland with no assembly required, head to the Four Seasons to evoke that holiday excitement you used to have in your youth. Make sure to check out the Gingerbread Village before heading over to the bar for their adult version of hot chocolate, Gloopy the Chocolate Monster. Ancho Reyes chile liqueur and Galliano whipped cream make it just right for grown-ups.

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